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Some distinguished clients for whom we have produced content​, produced content for broadcast, or VOD.

Client Testimonials

MK worked for us as an editor for the video at the National Championship Air Races for the past two years running. He brought color and creativity to our video projects. He learned the content of the event quickly and took personal time to study, making him, in a very short time, knowledgeable of the technical material for the events. His creativity and dedication to the job made him apart. Without hesitation,​ I want him on our team for our future projects.
Robert Jones
Director/Project Manager
MK is one of the hardest working, amazingly creative, and most professional people I've ever had the honor of working with on a collaborative level in film, TV, digital design. His attention for detail and personable - and hilariously funny - approach has to be experienced to appreciate fully. MK's heart goes into everything he takes on. You'll never meet anyone more honest and genuine. I look forward to working with MK on many projects to come.
Steven G. Lowe
Producer/Talent Agent
MK is exemplary in his professional and personal life. A phenomenal screenwriter, director and more. He served us as LP/Intl. scout for our $40M feature (Philippines). His professionalism, knowledge, and years of experience made him invaluable. He is savvy in keeping projects on track and on budget, all the way through Post. I recommend Matthew to anyone in the industry. His creative vision is unique and his passion for storytelling is beyond compare!
C. Anthony Chase


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